Our history

Tierra cocida was born in a very special and humble way, in an unexpected way...

Chapter 1. The wheel

The love for raw materials and pottery had been with me all my life, I started working as a teacher at the school of artisans in Seville from a very young age, but my concern and desire to create something different led me to take another path and I focused on my work as a potter.

Six months I was without electricity in my house and in the workshop, I easily got used to cooking with gas, washing clothes by hand, and working in my workshop in a more simple and relaxed. For me it was a challenge, and an experience that I wanted to live for a while.

This situation led me to the creation of a manual lathe, which worked without cables or electricity to continue working.

When the electricity returned to my house, I was already so used to my manual lathe that I felt that my work with it was not finished yet, but that I had to continue in a different way…

And that was how it came to me. It happened to take the manual lathe out into the street and start new adventures, showing the trade to the world.

Chapter 2. The street

At that time I lived in Seville, and my first outing was to start making dishes around the city's cathedral. I put in my backpack, a lump of mud, a container to put water in, a wooden pencil and a line to cut the mud... with this, a chair and my wheel-lathe began a new facet of my adventures with pottery.

The truth is that it was hard for me to break the reservation that I felt about sitting there and doing dishes for fun... but soon the support of the people who stopped and enjoyed watching it made me realize that this it was worth it.

But almost a year later, I moved to Malaga, and there I began to do it as a way of life. During the morning I worked in my workshop, and in the afternoon I went to the center of the city, walking with the wheel and my backpack, I would put myself in a tourist place and make small plates to give to passers-by and people who stopped to observe... and in exchange, they gave me a tip.

Chapter 3. Veronica

Veronica was already part of my life when I arrived in Malaga. She had worked as a publicist and teacher in the field of nutrition and naturopathy and above all she was an enterprising woman with thousands of concerns.

She began to pull strings and that was when we began to participate in events and markets, The races from one place to another began, the trips in a van full of pottery... and then Verónica got pregnant, which made us rethink everything again. We tried to continue with the markets but we decided that it was time to put down roots in our city and be able to reconcile family and work.

We went to the Montes de Málaga and worked hard so that our business could stay afloat We settled in the Muelle Uno market in Malaga and little by little we were able to grow. Our desire to create something more than a company led us to shape Espacio Tierra, a community space, where to develop work with ceramics, healthy food and contact with nature.

Chapter 4. The family continues to grow

Chapter 5. Our values

Why terra coca bets on a better world

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