¡Té helado de jengibre y limón! Receta y sus maravillosas propiedades.

Lemon Ginger Iced Tea! Recipe and its wonderful properties.

Ginger tea has many properties, but you also have to know how to prepare it to make the most of its benefits. Do you know everything about Ginger tea: properties and recipes that you can prepare with this root?

  1. Ginger has cholagogue properties (purging) so it is efficient in the treatment of digestive disorders.
    Stimulates the pancreas and increases the production of enzymes that favor digestion, avoiding secondary effects such as acidity or heaviness.
    It is antibacterial, so it is used to combat intestinal problems caused by an alteration in the flora.

  2. Improves blood flow so:
    It is an ally against dizziness and vertigo related to cervical osteoarthritis.
    Prevents cardiovascular diseases.
    Decreases migraines: It also has mucolytic properties, which favors expectoration, and increases in a few tenths body temperature. For this reason, its use is not recommended in cases of high fever.

  3. Its natural anti-inflammatory power and its ability to slightly liquefy the blood make it an effective remedy against:
    Osteoarthritis and rheumatic pain .
    Reduces menstrual pain in women.
    Eliminates bad breath. This is an oriental technique that consists of placing a small slice of the root with vinegar and chewing once you have finished eating.
    It is good when we have a dry mouth since it increases the production of saliva.

Also the lemon:

1. Purifies the blood

2. Bring down the fever

3. Fights high blood pressure

4.Rich in antioxidants

5. Eliminates kidney stones

The list of benefits of this combination is almost infinite and for this reason, drinking a delicious ginger and lemon tea will be everything! Sips of health!.

With the warmth that is coming, you can't fancy something cold anymore, so we recommend you make this tea in its iced version, which is also delicious.

You will only need:

- Ginger root.

- Half a lemon.

- Your grater plate.

Manos rallando jendibre

To make this tea, firstly, we will peel a piece of ginger root, then we will put a generous squeeze of lemon in our grater plate, and on the plate we will grate the ginger root.

You will see how easily the ginger is grated, thus mixing with the lemon and leaving a paste that you will not notice when you pour it over the water.

This way of taking ginger is a way to make the most of all its wonderful benefits since it does not involve any cooking process, you will take the ginger raw and !You will not notice its texture!

You already have your mixture ready, you will only need to pour it over very cold water and drink it with ice and you can now enjoy a refreshing drink, with a delicious flavor and full of beneficial properties for your health.

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