Receta de guacamole casero con el plato rallador

Homemade guacamole recipe with grater plate

Today we bring you a very healthy recipe for an appetizer, as a starter and to enjoy with friends.

Guacamole is a typical Mexican dish, the most common thing is that when you make it at home you are surprised by the big difference that exists with purchased guacamoles, it has nothing to do with it. It is also so easy to make that you will surely stop buying it and start preparing it at home.

This is a dish that allows modifications, so if you dare, you can experiment and add different vegetables.

Ingredients for How to Make Homemade Guacamole

For 2 People

  • 2 Ripe Avocados
  • 1/4 Spring Onion or Onion
  • 1 Small Tomato
  • 1 lime / lemon
  • Cilantro leaves (you can substitute them with parsley)
  • Out
  • To accompany: Totopos or Corn Triangles
  • Slicing plate

How To Make Homemade Guacamole

  1. To make the guacamole we will start by washing and grating the tomato in our grater plate.
  2. Next we will grate the onion on the same plate.
  3. Now we have to prepare the avocados. For this recipe, it is best to choose some avocados that are ripe. Keep in mind that you're going to have to squash them, so it's best if they're a bit soft, but not so soft that they fall apart.
  4. To open the avocados, make a cut around the longest part. The cut must reach the central bone and go around it.
  5. Hold the avocado with one hand in each half and turn one of them slightly.
  6. Remove the bone and, with a spoon, remove the meat from the avocado and pour it into the grater plate.
  7. Next you will add the lime or lemon juice
  8. In the same small plate with the help of a fork or kitchen tongue, we will crush the guacamole and mix the ingredients.
  9. If you are one of those who likes a spicy flavor, you can add a few drops of Tabasco and mix.

All that remains is to serve the guacamole with a little cilantro or parsley and enjoy this delicious and light recipe for the summer.

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